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When you retain a family law firm, you expect legal competency, but you also expect the intangibles. You want to connect with your attorney. You want her to return your calls, give updated information, follow through, and achieve good results. And you want her to show understanding and compassion through this very personal and challenging legal process. You are entitled to these courtesies; it is what you can expect from the divorce attorneys at Grossman & Associates.


Interviewed by the press on numerous occasions, Hindell provides legal advice on divorce, marriage, and child custody issues.


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Join Hindell and her guests as she discusses divorce, dating, finances, custody, business valuations and other relevant topics.


  • Divorce

    “Divorce” is a legal term indicating the termination of a marriage, emotionally, financially and in every way imaginable, it carries enormous significance. Divorce is a life transition unparalleled.

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  • Custody

    “Custody” is a trigger word in the divorce world because in most cases, neither parent wants to give up custody. Although the family may have lived in a way that…

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  • Alimony Changes

    Determining appropriate alimony is often part of negotiating a divorce settlement. However, over time, circumstances can change that may allow a former spouse to seek an adjustment to the original…

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  • Post Divorce Action

    While the end of divorce often signals the end of the process, there may be times that further court proceedings are warranted.

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  • Prenuptial Agreements

    Like any good business partnership agreement, romantic partners should have a pre-nuptial agreement. The process of discussing a written agreement before marriage

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  • Real Estate

    In addition to divorce-related real estate issues, such as dividing the marital residence, and valuing commercial buildings, Grossman & Associates, Ltd. handles the negotiation and drafting of commercial leases; and…

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  • Business Transactions

    Practical business advice requires a larger view, looking at the entity as a whole, predicting the consequences of any actions, and managing the client’s expectations. Questions arise: Is a personal…

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  • Civil Litigation

    Litigation is the process of dispute resolution through court proceedings. Civil litigation includes all disputes, except criminal matters and is governed by sets of rules and procedures which dictate how…

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  • Second Opinions

    You may have great faith in your attorney, but a second opinion is often valuable and particularly justified in a divorce case. Attorneys come in all types, some are compassionate,…

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  • Samuel Stern

    Samuel Stern has been the firm’s office clerk since 2012. When you visit our office you may…

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You are not only a technically competent and skilled family law attorney but I have the rarely seen the additional quality of empathy and compassion!

I have always been impressed by the team focus on providing timely, courteous, and professional service.

Grossman & Associates has handled all of my business and personal needs diligently, expediently, and with expert care. I have and would recommend the firm to anyone that is looking for expert personal attention.