Business Transactions

Practical business advice requires a larger view, looking at the entity as a whole, predicting the consequences of any actions, and managing the client’s expectations. Questions arise: Is a personal guarantee required to sign a new lease?  If a business wants to collect from a client for non-payment, is there a way to minimize the risk of losing the business relationship?  What is the best way for an employer to help an employee with a family crisis?  How should owners manage the relationships in a family owned business?

In addition to our vast experience as family law attorneys, Grossman & Associates is knowledgeable and practiced in business transactions. Like in a divorce, understanding assets, liabilities, income and personalities serves our business clients well. Divorcing couples involved in a family business find this dual expertise particularly advantageous in negotiating the dissolution their relationship.

Our experience in dissolving businesses was featured in Lawyer’s Weekly. In that complex case, a dental practice partnership was dissolving; a valuation was needed; tempers flared; patient files needed to be transferred; and a new dental office was opened. Along with our business acumen, our years as family law attorneys was brought to bear, so that like divorcing couples, our dentist client was able to negotiate the best possible partnership dissolution and move forward to form his own dental practice.

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