Civil Litigation

Litigation is the process of dispute resolution through court proceedings. Civil litigation includes all disputes, except criminal matters and is governed by sets of rules and procedures which dictate how the case proceeds. The District, Superior, Housing and Land Court have jurisdiction over civil litigation cases, depending on their dollar value or subject matter.

Divorce cases are civil cases handled in the Probate and Family Court. Different types of claims and disputes are resolved in other courts. Disputes over real estate might need the assistance of the Land Court. Business disputes might need the assistance of the District or Superior Court. Skills for civil cases include carefully drafted documents; hearings; document management; digging for relevant information; depositions; negotiations and settlement. The process for divorce cases does not differ significantly from other civil cases, except of course to the extent children are involved.

Grossman & Associates, Ltd. has successfully litigated and arbitrated civil cases related to business partnerships, real estate and other issues in addition to its skill resolving divorces.

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