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Hindell Grossman from Newton, MA shares with us some of the legal issues you can encounter in a divorce. Learn tips on how to select the best divorce attorney to represent you.
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The State of Extramarital Affairs

Just as the stigma of cheating fades away, opportunities to stray have multiplied — and so have the chances of getting caught.
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What are parents entitled to when it comes to time off from work?

Hindell joins the Morning Show on NECN for a discussion in a Baby Week segment.

Can Aaron Hernandez get married in jail?

Hindell talks about what it would mean for the investigation if Aaron Hernandez
got married during the investigation.


What you need to know about the Alimony Reform Act

Anyone paying or receiving alimony in Massachusetts should be aware of important changes that may affect them beginning this year as a result of the new Alimony Reform Act. Read Full Article >>

Second Opinion Program

Second opinions allow you to maximize your options by seeking supplemental advice without having to abandon the ongoing relationship with your current attorney. Grossman & Associates, Ltd. formally launched The Second Opinion program in 1998 with press releases and articles in the Boston Business Journal and Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly. Read Full Article >>

Lawyers Weekly Publication

A father of a teenage daughter filed a complaint for modification of child support, alleging that payments to the child's mother should be terminated based on the daughter's residence with him from January through August of her senior year of high school and her imminent departure for college. Read Full Article >>