The following testimonials were graciously provided by some of our satisfied clients:



"Thank you again for the meeting yesterday, it was very helpful… I have been around a long time, have dealt with many, many attorneys both professionally and personal over the years. It was readily apparent when we met that you are not only a technically competent and skilled family law attorney but have rarely seen additional quality of empathy and compassion!"

“Your professional guidance, wisdom, thoughtfulness and encouragement gave me exactly the courage I needed to move through the divorce process."

“Although this has certainly been a difficult time, you certainly helped make it easier by keeping me calm and focused on the bigger picture. I truly appreciate all you have done!"

“My divorce was an extremely lengthy and expensive case, not to mention overly stressful. Ms. Grossman was very responsive, thorough and supportive throughout the length of our attorney/client relationship. Even when the attorney for the defense proved to be less compassionate than a pit-bull, Ms. Grossman never showed anything less than a dedicated professional demeanor. Now that my case is settled, I often reflect back on how well she was prepared to help me handle some very difficult litigation. I don’t believe I could have remained as strong without her support and guidance.”

“I've said it before but it bears repeating...your compassion is worth as much or more to me than your legal acumen and experience.”

“I will forever be grateful to you for your amazing generosity, bright spirit, remarkable expertise, and for resolving the divorce so quickly.”

“I think you were a Godsend—truly. Thank you for your hard work and attention.”

“For over 4 years, I have relied on the professionals at Grossman & Associates in numerous situations, for a variety of legal services and advice. I have always been impressed by the team focus on providing timely, courteous, and professional service. I highly recommended them to my friends and acquaintances.”

“I appreciate you making my divorce a pleasant experience. I was very fortunate to have a sweet and kind lawyer."

“Trying to recover child support from a dead-beat Dad was an exhausting experience. Through Hindell’s wise counsel and expert direction I was able to recover all of the back money due me. I will always be grateful to Hindell for helping me through a very difficult time!”


“Hindell Grossman has been my lawyer for several years representing my interest both personally and in business matters. She has handled real estate transactions, collections, client mediations, employee legal advice, business transition and ultimately the sale of my business plus much more.
It has given me great comfort to know that no matter where I was in the country, no matter what day of the week, if I had a problem I could pick up the phone and she would be there for me. And I did find myself in that position and she always came through for me.”

“I believe that her biggest asset to be her ability to think creatively. It is important for me that all my transactions are done in an ethical manner. While many lawyers do not have that reputation, Hindell Grossman is very ethical, very moral attorney who always thinks of the needs of both parties. But then she has a way of very creatively developing a scenario that enabled me to maximize my opportunity. For every situation I ever involved her in, she had the ability to be “value added and more”.
“Grossman & Associates has handled all of my business and personal needs diligently, expediently, and with expert care. I have and would recommend the firm to anyone that is looking for expert personal attention.”

“We have worked with Hindell Grossman over a period of several years on a variety of Corporate and personal issues. And we are happy to wholeheartedly say that she and her office have been consistently diligent, thorough, inventively insightful, and productive. In addition to a sense of humor and a steady hand and manner, Hindell offers a reasoned approach to each matter, yet has the stamina and strength to hold firm on an issue with a fair yet decisive approach.”

“I just wanted to thank you again for all of your help and support in dealing with my situation. Your patience and counsel was much appreciated. Should the need arise…I would certainly not hesitate to seek your counsel again. Again my sincerest thanks for your help.”


“I am writing this letter of recommendation for Hindell Grossman who performed the legal work for the closing on my condominium. I had just been relocated to the Boston area from California. This was my first experience in buying a residence and Hindell provided just the right amount of support and advice to keep things flowing smoothly. She went well beyond the basic legal requirements and I was extremely glad to have her in my corner during the sale negotiations and closing. Her thoroughness and ability to explain details to me were extraordinary and I know she was integral in uncovering and correcting several potential sticky legal points presented by the seller. She also did an excellent job counseling me in my interactions with my new employer.
I continue to recommend Hindell’s services to my friends and acquaintances and have no hesitation in doing so now.”

“My husband and I met Hindell Grossman over a year ago when we bought our first house. Our accountant recommended three lawyers to us. After calling and talking with all three lawyers, for reasons which will follow, we chose the office of Hindell Grossman to represent us in the purchase of our home. We could not have been happier with the representation we received. We were so impressed that we contacted her again and she helped us in the refinancing of our mortgage."

“Hindell was thorough, attentive, accessible, patient and very “client-friendly”. She made the overwhelmingly stressful process of buying a house one with which we could cope—knowing she was there to help us every step of the way. She explained the different steps to us calmly and in language that was easily understandable, not trying to impress us with legal jargon. My husband and I felt that all along, we could ask our attorney any question without fear of being thought stupid or wasting her time.”

“As far as our refinancing was concerned, we were told that this process was strictly academic and that it would not be necessary for us to retain an attorney. However, we were glad we called Hindell just to have her quickly glance over the papers before we signed them. It turned out that because of the attention to detail, Hindell ended up saving us a good amount of money, pointing out several unnecessary charges and even in one case, a duplicate charge for one item.”

“In sum, we have been very impressed with Hindell’s work pertaining to our real estate transactions. We highly recommend her based on her accuracy,
thoroughness, integrity and ability to communicate not only with those in her own profession but with her clients and all parties involved in such transactions.”

“My wife and I retained Grossman & Associates and Hindell S. Grossman, Esq. to handle a very complex real estate problem that involved land court, clouded plot plans and deeds. The outcome was very positive and extremely satisfactory. We would not hesitate to use Grossman & Associates for any future legal issues that may arise.”