With over 30 years of experience as a divorce attorney, Hindell Grossman, founder and principal of Grossman & Associates, Ltd. shares her wisdom and experience with those considering or in the middle of the divorce process. Inside Divorce demystifies the world of divorce and family law, giving listeners the fundamental tools to navigate what can be the hardest transition of their lives: divorcing. Popular topics include how to time a divorce, how to choose a divorce attorney, dating after a divorce, and talking about money with your partner.

Inside Divorce with Jason Chan

Podcast released on February 14, 2020

On Episode 38 of Inside Divorce, Hindell speaks with Jason Chan, JD, Partner at criminal defense firm Seed, Chan & Associates, LLC. Jason and Hindell discuss the intersection of domestic crimes and divorce cases, the unexpected details and logistics of restraining orders, the intricate processes of different court systems, and the rights of domestic partners when things turn sour.

Inside Divorce with Mari Ryan

Podcast released on December 16, 2019

On Episode 36 of Inside Divorce, Hindell Speaks with Mari Ryan - Founder & CEO of Advancingwellness and author of award winning book The Thriving Hive. Mari Ryan is a workplace well-being strategist and helps create cultures where employees can thrive, especially during a divorce. Hindell and Mari talk about how employees going through a divorce should act in the workplace, who they should tell and how they can take care of themselves physically and emotionally outside of the office.

Inside Divorce with Jesse Stein

Podcast released on November 18, 2019

On Episode 35 of Inside Divorce, Hindell speaks with Jesse Stein, a Senior Loan Officer at Fairway Mortgage. Jesse has been writing mortgages since 2003, and has a wealth of knowledge to share. Hindell and Jesse talk about all things mortgage including credit scores, ratios, underwriting, cash out refinances and different ways to co-own property or get out of a co-owned property.

Inside Divorce with Sarah Reiff-Hekking

Podcast released on October 15, 2019

On Episode 34 of Inside Divorce, Hindell speaks with Sarah Reiff-Hekking, owner of True Focus Coaching, Inc. Sarah uses her True Focus Toolkit to empower entrepreneurs, professionals and others to get a handle on their time and tap into their full potential. True Focus Coaching, Inc. is also a great resource for those looking for direction on how to stay focused and put their life together during or after a divorce.

Inside Divorce with Michael Sherman

Podcast released on August 15, 2019

On episode 33 of Inside Divorce, Hindell speaks with Michael Sherman - Founder and CEO of Graduate to Employment. For almost 25 years, Michael Sherman has been a thought leader in the fields of Staffing and Recruitment and has coached countless college sophomores, juniors, seniors and recent graduates to be in the best position to find substantive employment. Hindell and Michael talk about the importance of having a third party step in to provide guidance, especially during a divorce when parents may not have the energy or bandwidth to help their child adjust to the challenges of finding employment and entering the "real world".

Inside Divorce with Shane Hunter

Podcast released on July 15, 2019

On Episode 32 of Inside Divorce, Hindell speaks with Shane Hunter - a patent attorney and co-founder of Hunter Clark - about the different kinds of intellectual property and how it relates to divorce.

Inside Divorce with Mark Magnacca

Podcast released on June 15, 2019

On Episode 31 of Inside Divorce Hindell speaks with Mark Magnacca, the CEO and Co-Founder of Allego, Inc. and a former client of Grossman & Associates, Ltd. about some lessons learned from his divorce process and what it takes to be a good parent and step-parent. Mark beautifully articulates the importance of being persistent and present when it comes to building relationships with your children and how proximity to and time with your children allow for that to happen. After all, what's important at the end of the day are the relationships you have with other people.

Inside Divorce with Ken Estridge

Podcast released on May 15, 2019

On this Episode of Inside Divorce, Hindell sits down with a colleague and friend, Ken Estridge.Ken is not only an author of a new book but he is an executive leadership coach. Ken talks about how his work actually ties into relationships within his real life. Ken talks about his past and current marriage and the differences of both. He also addresses how to have successful conversations with not only your bosses or colleagues but your significant others as well.Find Kens new book, "Inspire Accountability:The Breakthrough Workplace Transformation for 21st Century Leaders In The Age Of Millennials" on Amazon!