With over 30 years of experience as a divorce attorney, Hindell Grossman, founder and principal of Grossman & Associates, Ltd. shares her wisdom and experience with those considering or in the middle of the divorce process. Inside Divorce demystifies the world of divorce and family law, giving listeners the fundamental tools to navigate what can be the hardest transition of their lives: divorcing. Popular topics include how to time a divorce, how to choose a divorce attorney, dating after a divorce, and talking about money with your partner.

Managing Money(with Sammy Azzouz)

Podcast released on August 1, 2017

On our lucky 13th episode of Inside Divorce, Hindell had the pleasure of speaking with Sammy Azzouz, a Managing Partner at Heritage Financial, an independent wealth management firm located in Westwood, Massachusetts. On the podcast they discuss client attitudes about money and how best to keep both spouses engaged in their family’s financial affairs. Sammy and Hindell also discussed tips for a successful financial future and how to normalize conversations about money.

Accessing The Value Of Your Home During A Divorce (with Brad Avergon)

Podcast released on August 1, 2017

After our brief hiatus, the Inside Divorce podcast is back with fresh topics and brand new guests. This week Hindell spoke with Brad Avergon, a Senior Loan Officer at loanDepot. In this 12th episode Hindell and Brad discuss progressive ways to finance real-estate before during and after a divorce. Hindell and Brad also go into strategies to maximize mortgage options, preserve credit, and the timing for submitting loan applications. Bard recommends consulting a mortgage lender during the divorce to ensure that the language of the divorce agreement is best drafted.

Saving Money For College (with Todd Weaver)

Podcast released on July 1, 2017

This week Hindell speaks to Todd Weaver, one of the vice presidents for Strategies for College INC, a company that gives guidance and financial advice to families to maximize financial aid for college. Todd gives listeners the inside look on the financial aid process, including money saving and borrowing tips for divorced families.

The Intersection of Divorce and Business Ownership (with Marc Gudema)

Podcast released on June 1, 2019

This week on Inside Divorce, Hindell sits down with Dr. Richard Wolman, a clinical psychologist on the faculty of Harvard Medical school who has vast experience with the children of divorce. In this podcast titled “Fair is a Four Letter Word”, Richard and Hindell discuss common obstacles children deal with when their parents are divorcing, as well as “negotiation techniques” that both parents and attorneys can use to help children.

Valuing a Business During a Divorce (with Heather Tullar)

Podcast released on June 1, 2017

This week on Inside Divorce, Hindell meets with Heather Tullar, the Senior Vice President of The Valuation Research Corporation. Heather Tullar explains her role as a business elevator and how the business evaluation process comes into play during a divorce. The two ladies also discuss the definition of “double dipping” and how Heather works together with opposing attorneys.

Tony Pelusi Explains The Role Of A Parenting Coordinator

Podcast released on May 1, 2017

This week on Inside Divorce, Hindell speaks with Tony Pelusi, a Massachusetts Parenting Coordinator. During this podcast, Tony describes the role of a parenting coordinator, how he helps parents resolve parenting issues during the divorce, and explains the impact of the new Probate and Family Court standing order issued in February, and effective on July 1st, 2017. Tony also talks about the successful mediation tools he uses to leave with parenting conflicts, including the Our Family Wizard application.

Relationship and Dating Advice (with Peggy Wolman)

Podcast released on May 1, 2017

Summary: In this bonus episode, a live recording from a 2016 event featuring Hindell and matchmaker Peggy Wollman (listen to Episode 005 for more from Peggy), listeners will learn about how to meet someone new and how to successfully manage a new relationship.

Talking About Money With Your Partner (with Amy Lampert)

Podcast released on April 1, 2017

Amy Lampert, founder of WomensWorth, joins Hindell to discuss the way couples approach the topic of finances and how to change that dynamic for a stronger partnership. Coming from a unique perspective as a woman in the finance world, Amy sheds light on what to consider and how best to manage assets and liabilities before and after divorce. Amy Lampert is a Registered Representative and Financial Advisor of Park Avenue Securities LLC (PAS). Securities products and advisory services offered through PAS, member FINRA, SIPC. Financial Representative of The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America® (Guardian), New York, NY. PAS is an indirect, wholly-owned subsidiary of Guardian. WomensWorth is not an affiliate or subsidiary of PAS or Guardian. This material is intended for general public use. By providing this material, we are not undertaking to provide investment advice for any specific individual or situation, or to otherwise act in a fiduciary capacity. Please contact a financial professional for guidance and information specific to your individual situation. 2016-27841 Exp 8/18

The Importance of Timing in Divorcing (with Jennifer Nahas)

Podcast released on February 1, 2017

A conversation with Jen, one of Hindell’s clients, whose difficult and emotional divorce required patience and a soft, yet deliberate touch. Hear firsthand about the emotional journey of her divorce and how she learned that time was an advantage throughout every phase of divorce.