Don’t Put Anything in Writing You Don’t Want on the Front Page

Break-ups bring about many emotional challenges, regardless of whether you are the “break-uper” or the “break-upee”.  The additional challenge of having your relationship played out in a courtroom and feeling as though every one of your actions are being monitored can be overwhelming.  Understanding, identifying and releasing your emotions can be therapeutic in dealing with a broken heart, but this should be a private matter.  The truth is that when you are going through a divorce or paternity action your actions ARE being monitored and the best legal advice we can give you is: Never, ever put anything in writing you don’t want published on the front page of the newspaper.

Emotions can take control of your thinking, behavior and actions.  As a result your judgment is impaired. Texting, emailing, Facebooking or using other forms of social media to air your feelings about your ex into the late hours of the night must STOP.  I don’t know of one time that any social media posting or text/email writing to an ex was helpful, but I do know of many, many, many times it has hurt the writer’s case.  Writing in a journal, talking to a friend or a therapist are healthy ways to express your feelings and help your case.  DO NOT compromise your case by sending nasty, hostile or threatening communications to your spouse during the divorce.